Welcome to the world of cementitious materials

Welcome to the world of cement, a brand new website with everything all about the science of cementitious materials.

Cement is a kind of important material for the modern construction industry. The most use of cement is for the making of concrete that is a magic artificial “stone” formed from the soft paste with aggregate. However, do you know what is behind the magic material?

I am a PhD student who is the owner of this website, and works on the research of cement-based material. More precisely, the target of my research is Portland cement blended with blast-furnace slag and limestone powder. The research aims to get a more environment friendly cement with acceptable engineering performance.

Besides my research,  I would like to share some information with the people who are interested in cementitous material. This website is a world of cemetitous materials, with everything here on cementitious materials, such as cement, blended cement.

You are welcome to leave your comment on this site. I hope you also get some interesting  information on cement, and even more.

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