The worldwide cement output is decreasing in 2012

As reported by China Daily, the official Chinese newspaper in English, China’s cement output growth drops sharply in the first five months. The output grew 5 percent from a year earlier to 793.98 million tons; however, the growth rate represented a sharp decrease of 14.3 percentage points from the same period of last year, showed by the National Development and Research Commission.

The reason accounting for the dropped output of cement is the economic slumps both at home and abroad, which dampened market demands. The strict regulation and control on domestic real estate by the government further reduced the demand of building materials as well. The latest news of Sany company (Sany Group loses 30% of workforce: report) also confirmed the harsh situation of construction industry in China.

Construction everywhere in China.

Since China is a fast growing market of construction industry, the cement output decrease in China may also indicates the cement drop of the whole world. Because of the struggling economy worldwide and the increasing demand of less CO2 emission of cement, scientists of cement industry should spare no effort to focus on the research of cementitious materials, such as slag, fly ash and limestone blended cements, which have economic and environment benefits.


Welcome to the world of cementitious materials

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Cement is a kind of important material for the modern construction industry. The most use of cement is for the making of concrete that is a magic artificial “stone” formed from the soft paste with aggregate. However, do you know what is behind the magic material?

I am a PhD student who is the owner of this website, and works on the research of cement-based material. More precisely, the target of my research is Portland cement blended with blast-furnace slag and limestone powder. The research aims to get a more environment friendly cement with acceptable engineering performance.

Besides my research,  I would like to share some information with the people who are interested in cementitous material. This website is a world of cemetitous materials, with everything here on cementitious materials, such as cement, blended cement.

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