Overview of global cement price 2012

Overview of cement price in the world 2012

Several days ago, I posted that the global cement output is decreasing in the first half of 2012. So how about the price trend of cement worldwide? Is it increasing or not?

Information from different sources shows the prices of cement varies worldwide. For instance, prices of cement in South Africa had been retailing at US $186-230/ton in March of 2012. Due to an acute shortage of cement in Ghana, cement price has rapidly risen over the latest 12 months by 25% in the capital Accra and by up to 35% in rural areas.

Compared with the expensive price in Africa, cement price in Asia except China is more or less similar to that of United States. e.g. the price in Pakistan is US $96/ton, while it is US$101/ton in US.

In the biggest construction market China, cement price has been decreasing in the first two quarters of 2012, now varying at US $55/ton and still much cheaper than that in other places.

The price above is for Portland cement, and conversion of US dollar from local currencies is based on the rates at time of publication.

There is a possibility that cement price will increase soon because of increased public sector spending in the coming fiscal year that normally starts on 1 July 2012, in the meanwhile, the shrank production of cement in 2012 may account for the risen price in the coming months as well.