3D printer to print a house, is it the future of cementitious materials?

Construction industry, the only industry still does things manually. Even in the 21st century, to build a house right now is still a slow, labour-intensive, dangerous process, and almost always over-budget. Unlike the motoring or technology industries which use automated production methods to complete routine construction tasks, housing construction is one of the only industry […]

Blended cement

How GGBS is used and its typical substitution rates

How is GGBS used? GGBS (Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag) is used all over the world as a direct replacement for Portland cement. It is added to the concrete mixer along with ordinary cement, aggregates and water. The normal ratios and proportions of aggregates and water to cementitious material in the mix remain unchanged. Mixing times […]

Portland cement

Concrete made with slag improves resistance to fire damage

Better performance of slag concrete exposing to high temperatures Concrete made with GGBS cement is much better than concrete made with 100% OPC at maintaining its compressive strength when exposed to high temperatures. OPC specimens heated to 400 °C or above have been shown to exhibit severe cracking to the point of disintegration after a […]