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What is Cement Mixer Shot?

As a cement researcher, I know cement much better than average people, while it is not the case with everything with a name using the word “cement”.

When I type “cement” in the powerful Google search box, Google automatically gives an alternative search phrase “cement mixer shot”, which means “cement mixer shot” is a very popular searchable phrase on the Internet.

I know concrete mixer, and even cement mixer, for they are machines used to mix concrete and cement, but what is “cement mixer shot”?

cement and concrete mixer shot

Following the information suggested by Google, cement mixer shot is a kind of shot drink, usually consists of:

1 part Bailey’s Irish Cream (Other types of alcoholic Irish cream may be substituted.)
1 part Lime juice (lemon juice may be substituted)

How to make a Cement Mixer Shot? below are two recipes for making Cement Mixer Shot:

Cement Kicker recipe

1 shot Bailey’s Irish cream
1/2 shot lime juice
1/2 shot 151 proof rum

Fill one shot glass with Bailey’s. Fill second shot glass with Lime and 151.

To Drink: Pour Bailey’s into mouth, do not swallow. Pour Lime and 151 into mouth. Shake head back and fourth, the shot will turn solid.

Serve in: Shot Glass

Cement Mixer recipe

1 jigger Bailey’s Irish cream
1 jigger lime juice

Hold one shot of bailey’s in your mouth, and take one shot of lime juice. Mix rapidly in mouth by shaking head vigorously, then consume.

cement mixer shot

As showed by, an interesting chemical reaction takes place in a shot glass when a Cement Mixer is made. As the shot sits, the Bailey’s and lime juice slowly mix together creating a thick slurry best compared to cottage cheese.

Actually, cement mixer is a cocktail that has seen increasing popularity among older college students, in an effort to prevent or discourage underage drinking, by serving or offering it to a student who may be lying about his or her age, as when not prepared the right way, the curdling of the milk in the drink can cause an upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea, and/or vomiting.

An important trick when drinking a Cement Mixer is timing: don’t wait too long otherwise the mix will become too thick. Beyond this, cement mixer is not a good tasting mix, consider it more of a gag shot when playing this trick on someone.

The world is too colorful to be explored, even as a so-called cement expert, I did not know a drink named “cement mixer” lies out there. Is it funny?

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