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Sample Preparation for Quantitative X-Ray Diffraction (XRD/Rietveld)

Theoretical background: see chapters 3 and 4 in Lieven Machiels’s PhD thesis (2010). Sample preparation method modified from Machiels et al. (2008). Representative sampling The mineralogy and glass content of slags depend largely on the mode of cooling of the slags, e.g. slow cooling in a slag pot can result in a large amount of […]

Microstructure development of limestone blended cement

Though the chemical reaction of the fine particles of limestone in cement paste is limited to a low extent due to its inert property, the addition of limestone particles has significant effect on the microstructure development. Research conducted by Sellevold et al. using mercury intrusion method showed that specimens containing 12% CaCO3, which have the […]

Low reactivity and reported reaction extent of limestone in blended cement

The extent of reaction of limestone with cement clinkers is relatively low than the corresponding values of cement clinkers, the probable cause for this as stated above arise from the low solubility and low reactivity of limestone particles, though other factors of limestone, including fineness, particle size distribution, etc., do have influence on its reaction […]